Network Analysis of Farmer Groups: A Training Manual for Extension Educators

This document presents the content of a curriculum prepared for extension educators and
others who are interested in conducting a network analysis of farmer groups. While the
emphasis here is on minority farmer groups, the principles discussed are universal. After
outlining how to conduct a network analysis and describing basic network concepts we use
primary data collected by the authors under a three-state Capacity Building Grant
led by Tennessee State University to illustrate how this type of analysis can be used
in a real-world setting. Learn how Delaware State University’s Andy Wetherill used the manual to support the formation of the First State African American Farmers Association.

Authors: Stephan J. Goetz, Yicheol Han, Erica Hildabridle, Lan Li, Fisseha Tegegne, Stephan Tubene, Andy Wetherill

Publication: NERCRD Rural Development Paper, No. 57   Date Published: April 3, 2017

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