Enhancing the Viability of Underserved Small Farms and Rural Communities Using Insights from Emerging Network Science

The NERCRD brought together partners including Delaware State University, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and Tennessee State University for a competitive USDA capacity building grant. This project will provide the opportunity to expand networks for small farmers in Tennessee, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. This project team has produced a substantial training manual for Extension Educators who wish to conduct their own network analyses of farmer groups. One of the project team members, Andy Wetherill (DSU), used the framework laid out in the manual to help convene the First State African American Farmers Association, which in turn has spawned multiple impacts of its own.

Funding Agency: USDA NIFA

Principal Investigator: Fisseha Tegegne

Lead Institution: Tennessee State University

Accompanying Institution(s): NERCRD and Penn State, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Delaware State University.

Start Date: December, 2011