Reaching new audiences: Northeast Center research featured at National Governors’ Association meeting

The workshop in Pittsburgh kicked off with an “armchair chat” including Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf about initiatives underway in his state focused on creating good jobs for all Americans. Maryland Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford participated in the first of three topic-specific sessions, focused on the Workforce of the Future: Positioning State Economies for Success. The second focused session was on Second Acts: Reskilling Mid-Career Workers, and NERCRD Director Stephan Goetz provided the context for the third focused session, entitled Rural Resurgence: Empowering a Rural Workforce. In subsequent small group discussions, participants addressed the following questions:

  • What new partnerships can states leverage to support rural-led innovations?
  • What other unique issues are impacting rural areas?
  • What are the elements of a successful strategy in this area?
  • What do governors need to know to act in this area?

The second NGA workshop took place in Las Vegas in December, and a Des Moines meeting is scheduled for March 4-5, 2019.

At the summer 2019 conference, a report will be presented based on the input received at the regional meetings, entitled Governors’ Guide: A Roadmap for Providing Good Jobs for All Americans.

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