Farm Fresh Food Boxes team tests impact indicators, measures impact of their program

Farm Fresh Food Boxes is a multi-state collaboration between extension and research that tests an innovative entrepreneurial model in which farmers and rural retailers partner to offer pre-ordered boxes of fresh local produce to local consumers. In addition to the metrics they were collecting already for evaluation of their study, they applied for funding through the NERCRD small-grant program to enable the collection of data on four additional “action” and “impact” indicators that support a “but for” explanation of observed outcomes. These indicators are described in the Impact Indicators Tip Booklet (NERCRD, 2016). The team chose indicators related to the number of farms and rural retailers making business improvements as a result of Extension technical assistance, as well as the number of businesses and jobs retained, and increase in unpaid/volunteer hours.

The FFFB Team was led by Jane Kolodinsky (University of Vermont). Other team members include:

  • Lisa Chase, University of Vermont (Co-PI)
  • Marilyn Sitaker, The Evergreen State College (Co-PI)
  • Julia Van Soelen, University of California, Davis (Co-PI)
  • Diane Smith, Washington State University (Co-PI)
  • Hans Estrin, University of Vermont (Co-PI)
  • Weiwei Wang, University of Vermont (Co-PI)
  • Lauren Greco, University of Vermont (Co-PI)
  • Mary Peabody, University of Vermont (Co-PI)
  • Christa Alexander, Jericho Settlers Farm, VT (Co-PI)
  • Teresa Snow, Salvation Farms, VT (Co-PI)
  • Mike Trackim, Jolley Mobile, VT (Co-PI)

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