Exploring the intersection of Extension, the farming community, and health insurance

The paper, titled The Farming Population and Health Insurance: Educational Needs and Approaches of Extension Professionals, is available online here. It was authored by several members of the Health Insurance, Rural Economic Development and Agriculture (HIREDnAg) project team, of which NERCRD is a member.

Abstract: Health insurance policy has critical implications for farmers, who work in a dangerous occupation and have historically high rates of being uninsured and underinsured. Extension is well poised to respond to changing policies and provide outreach to agricultural communities. However, few studies have explored capacity within Extension to respond knowledgeably to health insurance-related opportunities. Accordingly, we conducted focus group sessions with Extension professionals to understand current efforts, resource needs, and opportunities for program development in this realm. Our findings revealed a need for knowledge building within Extension through programming collaboration and an opportunity to connect the agriculture and health insurance sectors. We also identified strategies for addressing the topic with farmers. Read more.

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