Announcing a change in NERCRD communications

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A primary reason for this change is that while listserv software has allowed us to send email blasts to our entire list, it does not allow for sending targeted emails to only certain list subscribers. For example, there have been many occasions when we learned of an opportunity in a specific state in our region, but were unable to send it only to subscribers in that state. We would have to send it to the entire list or not at all.

Mailchimp (and other email marketing software like Constant Contact, Emma, etc.) allows organizations to add fields beyond an email address to its subscriber database. For example, we can collect information about what state our subscribers are in, whether they work for a land-grant university or a non-profit organization, etc. With that information, we can create segmented lists, which will allow NERCRD to send targeted announcements when needed, and send content that is most relevant to its stakeholders. 

If you have any questions or feedback about these changes, please contact NERCRD Communications Specialist Kristen Devlin:

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